Preamble to Success

Again, I want to Welcome you by this follow up message to our On-Line Training Seminars.

I am sure you are very interested on starting to receive the Good Stuff, “The How To”
of On-Line Marketing.

So in short let’s get started.

First, as A Preamble.. I have to give thanks to some very kind people in this world who have helped me in my journey to freedom. People like Joel, Mark, Mike, Terry, Dave and Dave, Tony, Kevin, and John all who give and keep on giving. I don’t think I could have found a better group of business associates to learn the tricks of the trade.

As in any course you will need certain basic elements and resources like an: internet connection,an email address, a PC and maybe a printer, a bank account and bank card with Mobile phone or PC access, and other items of value so as to get the “hands on feeling” of marketing.

NOTE: If by the way if you have no PC skills, then for a quick fix, I suggest that you get a partner who does or find a free course usally held by the local Library or High School. I’m sorry if you thought this was a PC training course. Although, we do some training on Product and Services we leave the Basic PC training and such to others.

Now however, let me say that if you didn’t have all these resources and skills, don’t worry to much, since most elements needed will almost be available on a smart phone with a good keypad.

Also, I view myself a person familiar with Online marketing, and I share this information with those who would like to avoid the pitfalls and mis-starts and I am not offering any legal or accounting advice or am I suggesting that you will even succeed by earning any income at all. Thus, I suggest you seek those who are qualified and trained in these legal and accounting fields for this advice.

That being said, there are many who have tried and failed and there those who viewed this as their business with the “stick to it attitude”. They are the one’s making a few 100 and those making 10′s of thousands each month. So be aware, if you do not have endurance to be successful then I suggest you go back to the job or place you are trying to leave. I have no time to convince you of the fact this is a winning step.

Many will want to know what your doing, so as any successful business person don’t let the cat out of the bag just yet. I am not suggesting you be deceitful with the ones close to you, as they may not see it as you do. But the best part of this is that in time they will come to you and ask you what are you doing.

Then you will be in a position of experience and power. So, there will plenty of time to tell your story and I mean plenty. Ever notice when a new store front is about to open, they cover the windows until the Grand Opening. So you too, need to setup the infrastructure before unleashing the information your about to learn and the on-line Leveraging skills you’re about to acquire.

So Now…Step One

While on the topic of infrastructure…

I suggest you Sign Up for your own account on the Platform called”Pure Leverage”.

It will be the Infrastructure that will be the basis for getting your message out to the World. It will be your Marketing and Delivery Program for your business. (By the way this will fit almost any business model marketing Apples to Zithers…{Euro-Asian Guitars})

Don’t worry we have a wagon full of Wonderful Products and Services to market online. No Door to door, no soap, no begging the friends and relatives, no deliver headaches, no stocking issues. It’s wonderful stuff used every day at prices that are affordable, and that pay out as much as 100 percent commissions.

First…The Pure Leverage Platform will perform as your Lead Capture System. This is where it will automatically collect and store future Contacts, your Prospects then later on to be your Clients.

If you haven’t registered for Your Back Office System and Reseller rights
then I suggest you do so Now. So what’s gonna cost me,, you say….about the same as a daily drink at Micky D’s. So I say again.. Do it Now and Start Learning. Also, If not satisfied you’re at a No Risk 30 Day Money Back Deal, so do it Now.

When you “Click to Join” You’ll be Taken over to our Provider “Pure Leverage” for a Back Office System with Blog Hosting an Email Auto-responder components, Video Email, Conferencing, and Broadcasting.

In our next Lesson we will discuss the Basics of Setup and Forms with setup Instructions.

Watch your email for the Next Video Conference with Some of the Top Income Producers. You’ll learn from the Best.

So Welcome my Friend,

and Be Well.

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