Internet Marketing Basics

Business Marketing Platforms

First and foremost any on-line business must have a marketing Platform to be the Center of your infrastructure. You may search and seek for deals to provide you web services to get out your message such as a blogging platform, lead capture system and an auto-responder, a chat room, you”ll need video conferencing that has features like a whiteboard to show your clients and prospects selected images, and the ability to send out a video email to selected prospects.

You might ask who provides all this in one low low priced package, saving hundreds when compared to market prices? One company actually does and they have years of experience way before the competition. The base company is GVO but the Platform is called Pure Leverage. See the link if you need a quick peek at the company.

Joel Therien CEO is a great guy and is a wealth of knowledge. The information he shares will take years off learning this business.

Joel even allows you to be a reseller for a Trial Period for small fee. Now if you have been around an affiliate program before you will know that the usual commission is a low percentage of the Sale of a product or service. But Joel is generous, by offering a 100% COMMISSION on his products followed by a re-occurring 50% commission on his ongoing monthly services.!!! It’s a Great Deal. So I strongly recommend his services. He believes the offer is so good he will let you drive it for a Buck. See the back office and see the training offered. You’ll be amazed by the support.

However, if your one who is used to helping  others to Save Money on their Cable or Satellite Dish Bill, then this the  opportunity for you.

Get Your Own Entertainment Business and Run it from Your Home or Apartment !

Recently the President of the US made a comment on Breaking Up the Cable Businesses from the Monopoly they have held for Decades.

So where does the opportunity come in?

A Decades Old Company has made an entry to the US and has opened up the idea to have Referral Marketers like our selves to offer and to direct On-Line shoppers to benefit from the Streaming TV Deals. 

Folks this is powerful stuff to be out front of a Growing Cable and a Satellite Dish Customer looking for a escape of the Fees and High Bills and assisting them to get the BEST DEAL and BEST OFFER on the planet.

STOP  AND LOOK at THIS Video or you’ll Kick Yourself Later.

Click this Link to watch.


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